Sploo McLout’s Incredible Christmas Colouring Contest


Become a character in the next Sploo McLout Adventure!!!!!!!!

Just download Sploo’s Pic (Below – Right click and Save As) (You may have to make Sploo bigger once downloaded by using Paint)

Colour as fabulously as possible,

Take a picture of your colouring with you phone,



Here is the poster with all the glorious details!


And here is Sploo’s pic:


Sploo For Xmas!!!


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Happy Holidays!

Winter Dreamland


mixedcreativity.blogspot.com – The art of John Molino


Frosty moonlight breathes,

Over snowlit roofs and trees,

The air sparkles with chilly brilliance

tiny snowflake

The crunch beneath my boots,

Breath silver, thick, and moving,

Bundled, I am alive in the cold stillness

tiny snowflake

But even the trees stand by with pleasure,

Admiring their crystalline place of winter,

Tucked deep inside their trunks and roots,

Holding little squirrels in wooden wombs,

tiny snowflake

Magic darkness, the time of winter,

Time of dreaming and looking inward,

Celebrations, laughing, and joining together,

And time for play in our snowy, winter heaven

by Eve Flager

Mind Control


The guardian gleens,

As his sharp sword sheens,

And its stoke warns me back to my cage,

I look through the bars,

And I look at the armor,

And I see how it hides him from pain


I gaze in despair,

At the sizzling snare,

Where he feasts on my furious fight,

And my heart pounds the same,

Rhythm he plays,

On the steel drums that ring through the night


My eyes see myself,

As I hide from my health,

Expressing fear through bodily pain,

From the heat of the stares,

The whimpering prayers,

Hoping for sunshine,

Waiting for rain


Fame to tame the same,

Old lions leaping at my door,

Where my guardian stands,

With my head in his hands,

And forbids me leave his lore


Help someone please,

I’m missing a piece,

Things have been lost,

I can’t work this out,

Survival surged through me,

My armor is empty,

Tummy ripped open,

Myself dripping out


Get away from me,

Get going, get gone,

Keep moving on,

The rhythm is strong,

Its trance is my song,

And it forms the rungs of my cage


Get free of this place,

Make sure they’re ok,

Quick get back in there,

Your ok now,

its safe

by Eve Flager





Kissing your lips in the morning

Seashore, forest floor,

Bodies hot with sunshine,

I love your crook smile, soul child,

Come with me,

And stay with me,

Blue sea below us,

And blue sky above us,

Green Islands in the dusk,

Fire fed hearts of lust,

Escape the clocks,

Out run the week,

A new flower,

Spring shower,

A fresh berry,

Wind power,

Bodies steeped in life

The Sky and The Sky’s Reflection



The Sky

A human face,

The fangs of a bear,

Whiskers of a cat,

A rabbit in a snare,

A gaping mouth,

Drooling warm rain,

A winking eye,

Golden and untamed,

Creamy swirls,

Of nothing at all,

Golden brilliance,

A giant gas ball,

Pearly wisps,

Of silken thread,

Floating over the ocean,

Over my head,

A huge comforting hole,

Of pinks, purples, and blues,

A human spirit,

Its feelings,

The hues


The Sky’s Reflection

The twin of the sky,

A murky blue world,

When the sky cries,

Its salty tears twirl,

Down to the earth,

And through to the sea,

To become part of its mirth,

Its blues and its greens,

Golden glimmers,

Upon curling waves,

Shadows of angels,

Where their footsteps have stayed,

Deep and serene,

A human being’s dream,

It goes with its soul,

They both play a part,

In the colours and shades,

The realms of the heart

by Eve Flager

The Created and the Creator


I am an instrument,
Vessel of the infinite,
Solidifying my intangible,
To notes of meaningfulness


This energy in front of me,
The irresistible symphony,
Grief, silent and saturated,
Happiness, spacious and ringing


Timeless and synchronous,
Full of emptiness,
Forever dancing,
In piercing limitless


Lost in clarity,
The mantra transforms in front of me,
Its meaning shining fabric,
Of matter, soul, and destiny


The instrument and the symphony,
Limitless infinity,
Inseparable and free,
The weaver and the weave


Sound and light and heat,
Resonating hearts,
Buzzing like bees,
Reaching like trees,
Folding like the seas,
Rising like the sun,
And falling like leaves


Over and over and never repeating,
I am always by your side,
You will never leave me

by Eve Flager